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Get a company agreement with Hotel Phønix Hjørring

A company agreement that makes sense

Do you have long-term project in Vendsyssel that requires several overnight stays? At Hotel Phønix Hjørring, we are always ready to make an offer for a company agreement as well as offers to craftsmen.

An agreement with Hotel Phønix Hjørring is always based on your wishes, budget and the number of overnight stays, you expect in a year. We do not have any standard agreement, but we are making a virtue by listening to your wishes, needs and budget.

The company agreement either gives you an overall discount on the number of overnight stays, an upgrade to another accommodation category, or a combination of the two. It depends on what makes sense for your company.

An agreement with Hotel Phønix Hjørring is ideal, because the hotel is located in the city center of Hjørring. Within a two minute walk, you reach the train station. Additionally, we have our own parking space with free parking. It is possible to get get access to our breakfast buffet with the company agreement. Just outside is e.g. café Bistro V as well as a lot of other take-away places.

All of our rooms has a desktop, where it is possible to work. It is also possible to make coffee or tea, as a kettle is present in the rooms as well. All of our rooms has their own bathroom and a smart tv with Chromecast. We also have free wifi all across of the hotel. See our different rooms here. If needed, it is also possible to book one of our meeting rooms.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or is interested in an offer on a company agreement.

N.B. if the invoice needs to be sent, you will be charged a fee of DKK 55,–

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