Experience Vendsyssel

Experiences in Vendsyssel

Hotel Phønix Hjørring is centrally located in Vendsyssel in North Jutland and in the heart of Hjørring town. The central location means short distance to a lot of sights, experiences, attractions and great nature both in and outside Hjørring city. To help you out with what to do during your visit with us, we have made a list of attractions in Vendsyssel. There are of course more attractions than those we have listed here. Visit Visit Nordjylland, for example, for further inspiration.

You can book one of our stay packages if you are interested in golf, have the kids on holiday or want to experience Rubjerg Knude.

Coast & Nature

The North Jutland coastline is unique. It has both fantastic sights, good bathing opportunities by the roaring Vesterhavet, wonderful opportunities for walks in the dunes and the opportunity to see the most amazing sunsets.


Grenen, Skagen

Grenen is the northernmost point in Denmark. Here you can stand with one leg in both the Kattegat and the Skagerrak. Grenen is surrounded by a large nature reserve, so there is plenty of opportunity for a beautiful nature experience. This natural phenomenon is only less than an hour’s drive from the hotel.

Råbjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile is a desert in Northern Jutland and is one of Europe’s largest hiking dunes with up to 40m high sand dunes. The place invites you to a nice hike – so remember the good shoes. On average, the dunes move 15m per year. Råbjerg Mile is only 45 km from Hotel Phønix Hjørring.

Rubjerg Knude

Many probably know Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse after it was moved 70 metres in just six hours in autumn 2019. In addition to the lighthouse, you will also find an incredible view of the North Sea. Getting here from Hotel Phønix only requires just under 25 minutes’ drive.

Palmestranden, Frederikshavn

In summer, you can experience Denmark’s only palm beach in Frederikshavn, just 40 km from Hotel Phønix Hjørring. The beach invites both activity and relaxation for the whole family and has, among other things, a large wide sandy beach, beach volleyball courts and ice house – just like a real palm beach should have.

Kunst & Kultur

Udover skøn natur byder Vendsyssel også på en række kunstneriske og kulturelle oplevelser.

Vendsyssel teater
Vendsyssel Teater

Vendsyssel Teater is located in Hjørring town and was the first theatre to be built in the province for over 100 years. In addition to the 3-6 new theatre productions each season, the theatre also presents 10-12 guest plays and 3-5 performances for children and young people. The theatre is only a three-minute walk from Hotel Phønix Hjørring.

Hjørring Teater

Hjørring Teater presents a wide repertoire of drama, musicals, opera, modern dance and children’s and youth performances. So there is something for everyone in the over 100 year old theatre just 500 metres from Hotel Phønix Hjørring.

Vendsyssel Historiske Museum

At the Vendsyssel Historical Museum, you can get up close and personal with life and history in Vendsyssel. In addition to exhibitions, you will also find a large museum garden where you can enjoy home-cooked food. Food and drink can also be purchased in the museum café. The museum is just a 5-minute walk from Hotel Phønix Hjørring.

MovieHouse Hjørring

A trip to the cinema is always a hit, whether you’re taking the kids on holiday or not. In 2019, the cinema underwent an extensive renovation, improving comfort in particular. So you’re in for a relaxing trip to Hjørring Bio Center with a great movie experience. The cinema is located less than 1 km from Hotel Phønix Hjørring.

Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum
Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum

Vendsyssel Kunstmuseum is also located in the heart of Hjørring just 300 metres from Hotel Phønix Hjørring, where you can experience paintings, sculptures, crafts and graphics dating back to 1945 and up to the present day. The museum has 3-4 special exhibitions a year.

Børglum Kloster med flot natur
Børglum Kloster

Back in the Viking Age, the monastery was used by the Vikings when they travelled around the country. In addition, it has also been the home of Christian III. In addition to the monastery and the beautiful monastery garden, you will also find the cathedral from the 13th century, where services are still held every Sunday. The monastery is also known from the TV2 Christmas calendar “Ludvig og Julemanden”. You will find the monastery about 20 minutes drive from Hotel Phønix Hjørring.


If you’re not into museums or nature experiences, there are still plenty of other things to experience in Vendsyssel. Including many family-friendly experiences such as those we have listed below.

Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland is an amusement park located in the woods with rides for all ages and Denmark’s largest water park. The park’s area is equivalent to 55 football pitches, so there are hours of fun to be had. In just 35 minutes you can drive to Fårup Sommerland from Hotel Phønix Hjørring.

Nordsøen Oceanarium

If you like animals, the North Sea Oceanarium is an option. The Oceanarium includes clownfish, playgrounds and the opportunity to buy food. Check out our Hotel Offer, where entrance to the North Sea Oceanarium is included. In addition, dinner is also guaranteed with this package at Bone’s restaurant in Hjørring.


Another animal experience can be had at the Eagle Sanctuary. Here you can get up close and personal with the kings of the skies as expert falconers demonstrate the skills of birds of prey. Less than 40 minutes’ drive from Hotel Phønix Hjørring, you’ll get this out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Hjørring Bowling & GoKart Center

If you like speed and competition, Hjørring Bowling and GoKart Center is worth a visit. Here you can choose just to bowl or just to drive GoKart, but you can also have an eventful day by choosing both and enjoy the delicious buffet. You will find this experience only 3 km from Hotel Phønix Hjørring.

Action House

Another place with speed, excitement and adrenaline is Action House in Løkken, just a 20-minute drive from Hotel Phønix Hjørring. Action House offers among other things a play area, bowling, GoKart, virtual reality and laser game. A full-day experience is invited.

Funcenter Aalborg
FunCenter, Aalborg

FunCenter in Aalborg provides a full-day experience for the whole family with paintball, event halls and laser games as some of their main attractions. In just 40 minutes you can get from Hotel Phønix Hjørring to FunCenter in Aalborg.

Events in Hjørring

In addition to the many annual attractions, Hjørring also offers a host of concerts. During the year you can also follow our local football team, Vendsyssel IF, at Hjørring’s new stadium.

Hjørring Animal Fair

Every year in June, the almost 200-year-old animal fair is held on the fairgrounds in Hjørring. Here you can see machines, animals and stalls as well as activities for children. 

Dana Cup

Dana Cup is one of the world’s largest international youth football tournaments, held every year in Hjørring. During the tournament, the city buzzes with happy young people.