We give high priority to

Our guests’ safety

At Hotel Phønix Hjørring, we give high priority to our guests’ safety irrespective of whether they are overnight guests or guests participating in a meeting or a party. In order to do so, we have installed a security system from Verisure that catches smoke and heat. Additionally, the system has camera surveillance on all detectors, and it has direct connection to the security centre. All rooms are equipped with smoke detectors, escape plan, and instructions in case of alarm. All corridors has fire-fighting equipment and correct signing of escape routes. Lastly, all common areas has camera surveillance, also in the entrance area. 

safety is all about

Being prepared

It needs to be safe to stay at Hotel Phønix Hjørring – regardless of whether you are an overnight guest, or participating in a party or meeting. In case of an accident, you must feel safe. Therefore, we are prepared:

  • Our staff has a safety course and knowledge about our escape routes and alarm.
  • We controle our escape routes and technique on a daily basis.
  • Our fire- and security system is also updated og are inspected under existing statutes. 

If you have any questions regarding our safety measures, feel free to contact us.

siblings and sons look forward to welcome you at

Hotel Phønix Hjørring

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